FreeForm Development Glossary

Modular Shipping Container: Modular Shipping Container is used to describe the repurposed use of a shipping container. Shipping containers are modified for additional purposes and uses other than being a container. This may include being a modular shipping container office, or a modular restaurant, or being used a modular bar.

Modular Container: A Modular Container is another term for a modular shipping container. Free Form Development can assist in all phases of constructing a modular container.

Modular Construction: Modular Construction is the use of factory-produced, pre-engineered building units that are assembled as large components or as substantial elements of a building or project. These projects may include a modular shipping container restaurant or a modular office building.

Modular Design: Modular Design is used to describe the process in which modular construction units are redesigned or refitting for their specific intention use. Free Form Development will assist in all phases of construction, including the modular design & interior designs.

Modular Manufacturing: Modular Manufacturing is the process in which Free Form Development builds the factory-produced, pre-engineered modular building units used for a modular construction unit or project.

Shipping Container Modification: A term similar to Modular Shipping Container, which is used to describe the process of repurposing a shipping container into a modular unit such as; a modular building, modular shipping container restaurant or modular bar.

Custom Fabrication: Custom fabrication is the building of metal structures by cutting, bending, and assembling processes. Free Form Development can create custom metal fabricated elements for modular & traditional units.

Shipping Container Restaurant & Bar: Using a repurposed, modified modular shipping container, Free Form Development can create a custom shipping container restaurant or bar!

Modular Café & Modular Kitchen: Free Form Development can create fully functional, commercial kitchens for any chef. Use Free Form Development to create your modular café or modular kitchen dream.

Modular Offices & Modular Office Buildings: Modular Offices & Modular Office Buildings are buildings created using modular building materials. Free Form Development can construct any modular office idea or any sized modular office building project.