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Shipping Container Modification

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As a California State Licensed Modular Manufacturer FreeForm is able to streamline the modular construction building process by allowing work on the site to happen simultaneously as the Modular Structure itself is taking form.  This shortens the project construction time line allowing your modular or shipping container project to come to life quicker.

Once the Shipping Container/Modular Design process reaches critical mass the Manufacturing process can begin its preliminary manufacturing and budgetary phase. This allows us to get out in front of potential discrepancies, finding solutions before there is a problem.

Our manufacturing team works with the mechanical, electrical, plumbing and structural engineers as a cohesive team designing functional strategies to create unique modular construction solutions. This proactive communication ensures the design, the onsite construction, and the manufactured shipping container or modular units fit together effortlessly.

Another exclusive feature of the Modular Construction & Manufacturing process with FreeForm Development is that we work side by side with the State of California, from the beginning, to speed up and lower the cost of the permitting, inspection and quality control process for your project.

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