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Bars/Tasting Rooms

Bar Modular Units

FreeForm delights in transforming 20-foot and 40-foot shipping containers into fully functional shipping container Restaurants, Bars, and Tasting Rooms that will delight your patrons and get your staff excited to sell. Your team will have every piece of equipment they need to serve a capacity crowd with room to spare; there are no trade offs with our modular & shipping container bar units. No matter if you want your customers to belly up to the bar or if you have servers, you will be happy with how the bar performs.  Our high-quality Modular & Shipping Container bar units feature:

  • Beer and Wine Tap Systems
  • Liquor Wells
  • General and Specialty Lighting
  • Floor Sinks, Floor Drains,
  • Hand Sinks, Dishwashers, 3 Comp Sinks
  • Wainscoting: Tile or FRP
  • Flooring: Urethane, Epoxy, Tile or Vinyl
  • Exhaust Systems, Storage
  • General and Specialty Finishes

We have pre-designed modular bar units that you can customize or you can make a completely customized shipping container/modular restaurant or bar unit that specifically meets your design criteria.  Either way, our design and modular construction manufacturing teams work together to create the modular units that fit your budget and vision.