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About Us

History of FreeForm

FreeForm started with our 1st entrepreneurial venture FreeForm Fitness; a Boutique Gym and Organic Cafe which we designed and built.  It was during this 1st project that we revitalized our passion for design and construction which lead to architecture grad school.  While attending grad school, we continued to work in the construction industry, ultimately resulting in our 1st two major projects; Master’s Restaurant in Oceanside, CA and QuartYard in Downtown San Diego.

Combining our architectural design training, passion for building and experience modifying shipping containers we secured our California State Contracting and Manufacturing Licenses.  And since then FreeForm has continued to grow designing and building Restaurants, Commercial Modular developments, Offices, and Residental projects.

Today, FreeForm is working to be the premier turnkey solution for Shipping Container Modification,  Modular Construction, and specialty Ground-up Development.  We know that our value and expertise grows with each project and satisfied client; it is our goal to take that experience and turn it into your vision.

Adam Jubela

The Process

We know every project is different with its own unique purpose.

It is a journey to understand your Desires, Budget, and Goals in order to create the outcome you envision.  Here’s how we do it:

  1. A discussion about your vision turns into a Preliminary Design and Project Objectives.
  2. Next, we begin exploring the nuts and bolts by developing Conceptual Designs, identifying key Budgetary factors and investigating  Governmental Constraints.
  3. Then, we start producing Construction Documents, obtaining Government Approvals and formulating a solid Construction Budget.
  4. During the process of obtaining permits and budget approvals, we create a manufacturing/construction schedule that ensures your project will be completed on time and on budget.
  5. Finally, we Build and Manage the Project Construction to Completion.

CA State Licensed Manufacturer – MF1284861

FreeForm leveraged its experience as a proven General Contractor along with its hands on training building QuartYard, to secure its California Occupational License as a Manufacturer from the Dept. of Housing and Community Development (HCD).   This license allows FreeForm to build, inspect, certify and ship Commercial and Residental Modular Buildings.  Which affords our clients the benefits of having a California State Approved Structure that any municipality will accept as a permitted structure upon arrival to the install site.
These Benefits are:

  1. An expedited Construction Time Line,
  2. A streamlined Inspection Process,
  3. A controlled building environment and quality control process;
  4. And various budgetary advantages.

CA State Licensed General Contractor [B] – 1005130

FreeForm is a licensed, insured and trusted California State Licensed Contractor.  We began our work doing Tenant Improvements on buildings that were on the verge of being condemned.  Embracing the client’s vision we became experts in structurally retrofitting 1920’s and 1950’s building into stunning restaurants that showcased the original architectural beauty of the structure.  All the while providing the client with a building that will continue to be sustainable and architectural relevant as it houses their operations for the next 100 years.