Pop-Up Urban ParK

8-Container Multi-use Complex

The Pop-Up Urban Park in Irvine, CA, consists of 8 shipping containers converted into 2 Retail units, 3 Beverage and Spirits units, and 1 commercial kitchen.

  • 2-40’ Container full Commercial Kitchen serving gourmet food to local athletes, residents, and visitors
  • 1-40’ Full Operating Container Bar with a 2’ roof extension and a 10 beer tap system, along with a walk-in cooler. Also, adjoined is a large Bar Deck with seating overlooking the sports arena. This container is cladded with metal and Polygal sheeting giving it a very distinct and classy look.
  • 1-20’ Fresh Juice Container Bar, accompanied with all the equipment to make fresh juice, smoothies and fruit bowls. This container display a live plant garden on the roof and wood cladding making it look nothing like a used cargo container.
  • 1-40’ Coffee and Gelato Container Bar with walk-up service window.
  • 1-40’ Retail Container with 4-1/2′ roof extension added to this beautifully cladded wood and unique custom aluminum garage glass doors. Great for high end retail and clothing!!
  • 1-40’ Market Container with 4-1/2′ roof extension, cladded with galvanized metal cladding. Extra Large custom glass doors and windows allowing lots of light in.
  • 1-40’ Men’s and Women’s Container Restroom with 4 stalls each.
  • Custom Glass ADA Elevator to access the Bar and Deck.


  • 1,280 combined sqft.
  • Walk-up service window
  • 8 restroom stalls
  • In-unit functional elevator


    • 8 x 20 ft. Containers
    • Black Steel
    • Monochromatic Matte Tile







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