Earlier this month, Free Form Development & Quartyard broke ground on a new location, at 1301 Market St. in East Village, San Diego! The new Quartyard site, being rebranded as “Your City Block”, has teamed with Free Form Development to ensure the return of Quartyards’ known modular attractions; a modular coffee shop, modular designed restaurant, dog run, with craft beers and cocktails.

Last year, San Diegans were shocked that Quartyard, on the corner of Park and Market streets, was closing down. But earlier this year, the successful modular pop-up announced it would be moving to a new location, which happens to be 2 blocks away!

New Space, Same Amazing Experience

The 11-unit, modular constructed space by Free Form Development features 25,000 square feet, and will be able to accommodate up to 1,000 people! The Quartyard urban park is planning to host live music concerts, inspiring art events and specialty dining experiences for all of San Diego to enjoy!

Modular Space for Quartyard

Free Form Development constructed 11 modular units to complete Quartyard. These modular units entail; 2 units comprising a commercial kitchen, 2 onsite modular offices, 3 units to complete a modular bar, 2 modular restrooms and janitorial storage, the main modular coffee shop unit and finally, a modular storage unit.

Neighbors can also make their mark on the new modular site by purchasing personalized bricks that will be placed at the entrance to Quartyard! Quartyard 2.0, is expected to open in early 2018.