The QuartYard 1 & 2

Prefabricated Buildings

This urban park project in downtown San Diego, CA kicked off our involvement in shipping container modification and modular buildings. These prefabricated buildings were designed to be re-located, and after a few years, they were! Just a couple blocks away. We used shipping container modular buildings for the kitchen, the bar, the coffee shop, an office, a restroom, and storage.

A true proof of concept, illustrating mobility, flexibility, and Return On Investment.


  • 3,200 sqft.
  • Retractable Awnings
  • Event Venue, Kitchen, Bar, Coffee Shop, Office, Restrooms, Dog Run and Storage
  • Custom Stage and Canopy


    • 10 x 40 ft. Containers
    • Custom Stage and Steel Canopy
    • Stainless Steel Bar







    Modular, Transportable

    After three years at the first location, the City of San Diego sold the property to a developer for a planned high-rise housing development. To make room for this new development, in 2018 Quartyard moved 10 containers to a new vacant property, remaining in San Diego’s East Village neighborhood.

    Quartyard remains an eatery, dog run, full-service beer garden, event venue, art space, and coffee shop. Host to a variety of events such as outdoor concerts, street markets, weddings, cultural events, and community activities.

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