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Restroom Modular Units

Modular Restroom and bathroom units, no matter what is required for your project.  FreeForm has built various types that comply with CA building code and ADA requirements.   We can take a 20-foot shipping container and make them into two unisex ADA restrooms or one multi-stall modular bathroom or restroom unit.  Also, we can take a 40-foot Shipping Container and make it into a men’s and women’s multi-stall modular bathroom/restroom to handle all the code requirements.  And obviously, when it comes to multi-functional units we can add a modular restroom / bathroom where the design calls for it.  Our high-quality modular bathrooms & restroom units feature:

  • Wall Hung Toilets and Urinals
  • Sinks, Mirrors, Hand dryers
  • Wainscoting: Tile or FRP
  • Flooring: Urethane, Epoxy, Tile or Vinyl
  • Exhaust Systems
  • Almost any restroom partition on the market
  • ADA accessories

We have pre-designed modular bathroom & restroom units that you can customize or you can make a completely customized modular bathroom unit that specifically meets your design criteria.  Either way, our design and modular construction manufacturing teams work together to create the modular units that fit your budget and vision.