Custom shipping container modifications are an option for individuals and businesses who want a custom shipping container for multifunction uses. Shipping container construction and modification benefits are equal to those of conventional commercial spaces. FreeForm Development specializes in taking sustainable shipping containers and turning them into high-quality custom commercial and residential spaces such as:

  • Modular Offices
  • Retail Spaces
  • Bars & Tasting Rooms
  • Cafes & Custom Modular Kitchens

FreeForm makes the shipping container process simple with pre-designed unites with customizable options, or a completely custom shipping container unit that meets your desired specifications. FreeForm will assist in each phrase, from design to construction and manufacturing.

Modular Design Process

FreeForm Developments first phrase begins with Design. FreeForm’s expertise is creating a modular building that will serve your purpose. Your initial building desires are transformed into concepts which are molded into a cohesive design. With that design, we create the necessary construction documents which are to be submitted to the City or State to obtain approvals to build your project. In addition to designing the structure, we can also create interior design plans featuring custom furniture, lighting fixtures and branding elements. Once the design phrase is complete, the preliminary construction and budget process begins.

Why Modular Construction?

Modular construction units are perfect for those who need a customized commercial or residential space. As a California State Licenses General contractor, FreeForm has constructed projects of all varieties such as; Shipping Container Restaurants, Urban Parks, Modular Offices and Modular Residential Remodels. Once the design process is completed, the construction phrase begins. This phrase allows us to remove potential problems or real-world challenges before they become costly issues. Using our modular construction knowledge and years of experience working with mechanical, electrical, plumbing and structural engineers, FreeForm will create a cohesive modular unit with unique solutions.

Different Types of Modular Units & Modifications

Modular units can be created for any residential or commercial use! The possibilities are endless. FreeForm Development finds that a few modular projects are designed more often than others. Shipping Container Restaurants, Modular Offices and Modular Homes & Construction are the most commonly created units. FreeForms Modular Offices are perfect for those needing a smaller space, or conference room. We can create your office as elaborate or simple as you desire, featuring built-in desks and furniture, A/C & heating, segmented spaces for privacy and any window or door possible! FreeForm also has vast experience designing and constructing shipping container restaurants and modular kitchens. Our shipping container restaurants are about functionality, cleanliness and speed. The 20-foot and 40-foot commercial container restaurants can house all the equipment needed to make delicious food with efficiency. FreeForm can also create custom variant sizes to fit your needs and desires!

Learn more about FreeForm Development and our custom modular solutions by calling us at (844-999-0089) or Request a Consultation! We look forward to building your vision.