If you are searching for a 20ft Shipping Container for a variety of reasons, FreeForm Development is here to aid you in the process!

20ft Shipping Containers are perfect for the following design functions:

  1. A Small Residential Space
  2. A Small Office Space
  3. A Small bar to server drinks.
  4. Utilizing a small space such as a Driveway, or Parking space.
  5. Any customized space requiring only 20ft of mobility.

Of these four project details, choosing the type of modular shipping container is often dismissed in favor of the projects’ location & purpose. The reason for this, is that many business owners or residential home-owners are concerned with where the project will be located rather than what the project will include. Being only 20ft, these containers can fit into most properties and driveways. As FreeForm Development builds these containers, we will also be including any necessary design elements dependent on the projects purpose!

20ft Shipping Container Construction

20ft Shipping Containers — or, more specifically, modular shipping containers designed & constructed by FreeForm Development – is an ideal material for many kinds of residential & commercial projects. FreeForm Development repurposes 20ft shipping containers to fit your projects’ location, while also achieving the projects goal.

FreeForm Development constructs these 20ft containers using the highest-quality materials. Weighing approximately 5,000 pounds with 14-guage steel panels – these containers are built to last.

20ft Modular Storage Containers

If you’re buying your first modular shipping container, and it is a 20ft shipping container, you should know that you can have multiple uses for your project as described previously. Unlike other residential or commercial building options, FreeForm development has no restrictions as we can repurpose and modify any shipping container to properly function for its intended use. FreeForm development can also utilize several of the 20ft storage containers and combining them into much larger projects such as; large restaurants or modular office buildings customized to your requirements! Please contact us if you are ready to move forward with a 20ft shipping container, or if you have any questions about the process! (+1-844-999-0089)